Share a folder from Raspberry Pi and access it from Windows

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Share a folder from Raspberry Pi and access it from Windows
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Share a folder from Raspberry to access it with Windows can be very useful if you want to be able to edit configuration files of your project with your common editor installed on Windows, without accessing the Pi over SSH. Another use would be to easily copy files to the Pi from your Windows client.

If you want to share a folder from Raspberry Pi which is running Raspbian to a Windows computer you’ll have to install an additional software first. This can be done by entering:

sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin

Share a folder from Raspberry Pi

To share users home drive open the samba configuration file:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Look for the section with the Global Settings, uncomment wins support and change the value to yes:

#======================= Global Settings =======================


## Browsing/Identification ###

# Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of
   workgroup = WORKGROUP

# Windows Internet Name Serving Support Section:
# WINS Support - Tells the NMBD component of Samba to enable its WINS Server
   wins support = yes

Then look for this section with the Share Definitions and add the following – change the parameters for your needs. The name in the square brackets will be the share name:

#======================= Share Definitions =======================

   comment=Pi Home
   only guest=no
   create mask=0777
   directory mask=0777

Since samba has it’s own user database, we have to add our user to it:

sudo smbpasswd -a pi

It will ask you for your password and you’ll have to enter it.

Now you can access the share from Windows by opening \\IPADDRESS_OF_PI\pihome and enter your user credentials.

share a folder from raspberry

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